What Makes Up a Digital Marketing Team Structure for Success?

How Many Different Types of Professionals are Required for Digital Marketing Today?

For any business, of any type, that has been competing online for any amount of time, has come to realize that today’s websites and digital marketing strategies are much more complex than just a few years ago. In order to beat (or even catch up with) the competition, it requires hiring a strong team of web developers and digital marketing experts.

Job boards are often filled with job descriptions for help wanted ads that are seeking one single role to handle a full line of web design and digital marketing tasks. However, what many business owners and hiring managers do not realize is that the likelihood of one professional (or even just a few) having all the web development, and digital marketing skills (or the time available to achieve real results) is highly unlikely.

Digital Marketing Team Structure for Success

Team of Professionals to Produce a Powerful Website and Consistent Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns Will Most Often Include (at Minimum):

  • Content Writers for writing informative and attention getting blogs, web pages, email blasts, ad copy and posts for social media
  • Email Marketing Specialists to create and manage email marketing campaigns to encourage response, improve open rates and retain existing subscribers; also, to provide reports on results and suggestions for improvement
  • Search Engine Marketing Specialists (aka: SEM Specialists) to put in place and manage paid advertising click campaigns on search engines, such as Google and Bing. This type of digital marketer will conduct extensive keyword research; create and manage ad campaigns; coordinate and request development as needed for landing page design; track and monitor click-thru-ratios (CTRs), conversion rates, cost-per-click (CPC) and make adjustments as needed for positive ROI results.
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialists (aka: SEO Specialists) are necessary in order to optimize website content, guide site structure, implement off page backlinks and other techniques necessary to organically improve search engine rankings, visibility and, overall, to produce a powerful website that pulls in the most qualified prospects possible
  • Social Media Marketing Specialists for implementing social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that are most relevant to the business’ industry and marketing goals; also, for planning engaging content for these social media platforms and managing calendars for posting schedules.
  • Web Development Specialists are listed here last, but certainly are not least. Web designers and programmers are at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. Their work is never finished. From building, rebuilding and managing websites to consistently creating new landing pages for PPC ads, social media ads, email marketing strategies and beyond, having a knowledgeable and experienced web developer (and usually require a team of these pros for large websites and projects)

The exact requirements involved in recruiting a web development and digital marketing team will fluctuate somewhat based on the size of the business, marketing goals and other factors. Nonetheless, developing a website with the intent to make it a 24/7 magnet for top leads, will require a team with knowledge, experience, and the time available to get things done right!

As budgets and goals increase, so should your team of developers and marketers. Below are just some of the additional roles that are typically added to take additional steps for improving websites and digital marketing campaigns.

Additional Roles Important to Consider for E-Commerce Sites and Truly Successful Websites:

When a business is just starting out, budgets are usually more limited. However, there are additional roles that should be added as soon as possible for making websites and digital marketing campaigns better optimized and more effective.

  • Data Analysts for planning strategies across the board and reporting results to help improve performance
  • Digital Project Managers make everything run more smoothly for everyone on the team. They create and manage project plans, teams, and quality control; assign tasks and ensure completion; hire team members; manage budgets and tools used; are often the main contact for clients, vendors, and team members; and the list goes on. Assigning a designated digital project manager ensures better outcomes, reduces wasted spending, and relieves other staff and management team members from unnecessary stress due to problems from disorganization.
  • Graphic Designers to produce creative, eye catching and informative images and graphics to be utilized for advertising campaigns in all aspects of web development and digital marketing
  • Influencer Marketers are sometimes added into the mix for brand awareness and promotion of products and/or services. These specialists focus on researching to find influencers based on targeted demographics, values, and interests to match the brand. They also negotiate partnerships with these influencers and work in unison to create content and advertising campaigns with scheduling of productive timelines. Influencers also continuously monitor and analyze key performance indicators.
  • Marketing Automation Specialists are added to teams with large workloads. These experts will put into place and routinely oversee automated marketing campaigns, such as PPC ads.
  • Pay-Per-Click Specialists are equipped with experience and knowledge for researching, managing, and bidding on keywords for paid click advertising on a variety of digital marketing mediums, creating ads for paid click advertising, including (but not limited to) search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.), social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and other online media platforms. A seasoned PPC professional will carefully select keywords for campaigns, know how much to bid and manage platforms to receive a healthy ROI. These experts will also analyze campaigns and provide reports on PPC campaigns.
  • Video Production Specialists are vital to modern online practices and demand from audiences. Search engines give better page ranking to quality, informative and relevant videos to web pages and posts. Video content creators and editors will brainstorm and produce videos for the business’ website, email campaigns, social media posts and other digital marketing campaigns as necessary. This role involves creating scripts, outlines, dialogue, casting, filming, directing, coordinating shoots, order and maintaining equipment, organizing props, and more. These pros will also edit the videos using various video editing software
  • Video Optimizers are often times included within the role of Video Production Specialist for smaller projects. However, in many cases, Video Optimizers will be added for large projects to achieve optimal results for various devices and technical requirements

As you can see, having a full team of professionals who are experienced in all facets of web development and digital marketing will make all the difference in whether or not a website and digital marketing strategies will result in qualified traffic, but more importantly, SALES!

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What Makes Up a Digital Marketing Team Structure for Success?