Orlando Website Design Services

Orlando Website Design Services

Modern times call for modern websites. Today’s websites require more than the sites of yesterday. A business website must be built to compete. With multiple devices available to consumers, and more businesses on the web, a website must be developed to respond to all levels of search. It should also be user-friendly and be a guide to lead them to exactly what it is they are looking for. In addition, the structure should be created to not only provide them with what they initially came to the site in search of, but to encourage them to continue viewing to upsell products and/or services.

Orlando website design services
Website design services in Orlando

Websites for Building a Business

Websites are one of the most powerful tools available for businesses. However, the quality of the site will primarily be dependent on how it is structured and the quality of content it entails. A well-developed website has the potential to pull in the most qualified prospects because it works on the prospects’ timeline. Unlike other types of advertising mediums, a website is available to be utilized 24/7 and 365 days per year. And with the help of your friendly search engines, a well-optimized website built for SEO (aka: Search Engine Optimization) will be like a magnet ready and waiting to meet the search queries of those consumers seeking out your product and/or services.  This type of website is referred to as a Lead Generation Website.

What is a Lead Generation Website?

A Lead Generation Website has all the meat and potatoes that search engines, such as Google require to rank high organically (without paid or sponsored click ads). In order for a website to be attractive to the search engine bots (aka: spiders, crawlers, or wanderers), there are requirements. One of the best ways to explain what Google, Bing and other search engines are looking for in a website is the Google E-A-T metric system.

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The Google E-A-T Website Ranking Metric

Google E-A-T is a Search Quality Evaluation Guideline that stands for ‘Expertise, Authority and Trust’. Websites are reviewed and measured by this process to decipher the quality of its information, the credentials of the author and the credibility of the source.

Extensive Keyword Research


A website’s expertise will be evaluated based on the organization and its credentials. Mentions of awards and recognitions will help to improve rankings. Therefore, mentions on a website of these attributes will be highly advantageous. The credentials of the writer (or business itself) will be considered on each page or article’s subject matter as to what weight the information holds. A good example is if a page or article is related to health, the author should be a board-certified medical practitioner.

Content Creation for Optimization


How authoritative a website ranks is dependent on the quality of the content and the business’ overall reputation. For example, if a business has a low rating with organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau or other raking factors within the business community, the website will also be ranked low. The quality of backlinks pointing to the website will also have an effect on the site’s Authority ranking. Backlinks are the pathways to your website from other online sources. If the backlink sources that are directing visitors to your site are low quality, you can expect to see a negative effect on the website. This is why it is important to outsource your digital marketing and web development services to a reliable, Whitehat agency.

On-Page Optimization


Websites that leave no questions unanswered are regarded as trustworthy. In other words, a website that does not include an About Us page, or is missing important contact information, such as a working phone number and a valid physical address. Other important aspects for websites to build trust are security measures. Does the website have an SSL Certificate? And for any type of ecommerce website that accepts and processes financial transactions, are the checkout procedures safe?

A Lead Generation Website Will Include at Minimum:

  1. Premium Site Build – The website itself should be customized or built using a quality content management system (verses using a poor-quality set-up). The cost of your CMS system and the skills necessary to operate it will be a good indication of the quality of your CMS system and the types of results you should expect from search engines. WordPress is one of the most popular types used and brings great results.
  2. Content – Keyword Rich and Informative content will be key for making your website a success. Hiring a professional content writer who is experienced with search engine optimization will make all the difference in producing a lead generation
  3. User-Friendly Site Structure – (Easy to navigate NAV BAR; appropriate use of headers; and text linking to provide a breadcrumb approach for users)
  4. Contact Phone Number – An accurate and up to date company phone number should be easily accessible on every page and post.
  5. Physical Address – An accurate and up to date company address should be provided within your footer and contact page
  6. Contact Forms – These should be accessible on every page and post
  7. Photos – Add photos and graphics that are sized well and on all pages and posts
  8. Videos – Add relevant videos on pages and posts (as many as possible) with proper embedding
  9. Customer Testimonials – Make them easily accessible
  10. Mentions and Seals of Awards and Certificates – Mentions of awards and certifications earned or received by the company or business owners, managers, and staff members will increase your website’s credibility
  11. SSL Certificates and Encryption – SSL certificates are essential for authenticating the identity of an individual or business. It ensures safe transactions for users and increases a website’s credibility.
  12. Social Media Widgets – Adding your company’s social media profile icons as widgets within your NAV BAR or footer (or both) also add credibility to your website and also provide additional ways for users to contact your business

Custom Websites vs CMS Systems

Businesses come in all types and sizes. And the type, size, and structure of the website necessary for each business will be unique. In some cases, a website will need to be built from scratch. However, with so many Content Management Systems available today, a website can be developed more quickly than what was available with previous technology and options available. Nonetheless, as mentioned earlier, the quality of a website is more important today than what was required even just a few years prior. Therefore, a superior site will require time and sufficient planning to become and sustain itself as a money-making machine.

Custom Websites or CMS: What’s the Difference?

FASTER BUILD-OUTS AND MORE AFFORDABILITY: CMS Systems, such as WordPress and Joomla, involve a pre-built framework. They are easy to use and user-friendly; and may be customized with a variety of templates, themes, and plugins. CMS Systems are typically a more affordable and time efficient option than hiring a web development team to build a customized site.

EXCLUSIVITY AND BETTER PROGRAMMING: For businesses that desire and/or require a more complex type of website with extensive features and programming requirements, Custom Website Design will be a better option. However, the price tags on these types of websites are going to be significantly higher than when utilizing CMS Systems. The benefits of choosing to build a customized website include the ability to create a more unique profile and exclusivity; more flexibility for the changing needs or your business and future enhancements; and broader programming options.

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