Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

The Best Real Estate Lead Generation

In today’s world, most property searches begin online. Therefore, a real estate digital marketing strategy is necessary to be successful (or to match or beat the competition). Digital marketing for real estate agents can boost turnover, build transparency and increase overall sales volume. Modern real estate lead generation involves advertising to millions of prospective clients across digital platforms.

At Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami, we provide professional digital marketing for commercial real estate firms, agencies, and individuals. Our services cover everything from real estate landing page design to SEO and PPC advertising management. Whether you need social media marketing for realtors or want a custom web design, our team can help you align your online presence and services for maximum conversion.

real estate digital marketing services

What is Real Estate Digital Marketing?

Commercial real estate digital marketing involves advertising your business using digital platforms. Marketing for realtors focuses on building a strong online presence through local SEO for multiple locations, reputation management, search engine marketing, and PPC marketing.

At LMD in Miami, we provide more than marketing ideas for realtors. Our team can help you build a high-performing website or provide a website redesign service. We also handle local SEO management, offer free website SEO analysis, optimize your GMB profile, and provide content development services.

Real estate digital marketing also involves social media services and maintaining aesthetic realtor websites to attract and engage quality leads and increase conversions.

Below are just some of our real estate digital marketing services:

GMB Page Optimization

Why is Google My Business important? Well, most searches for real estate properties provide results with business profiles at the forefront of the SERP. If your business appears within the top 5 recommended realtors, it’ll be visible to more people. This will result in more online traffic, conversions and (more importantly) SALES!

Do you have to pay for Google My Business (aka: GMB)? The short answer is no. Creating a GMB profile is free. But when working with our digital marketing agency, we will optimize your GMB profile to perform highly in search results.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a critical component of modern digital marketing, without which you can’t succeed. At LMD in Miami, we tackle SEO from the grassroots, which involves building professional websites and populating them with quality content. Our team can create content for SEO, and advertise across multiple platforms to generate organic traffic. We optimize page speeds and leverage Google real estate advertising opportunities for maximum online presence. Our team uses white hat techniques to help you build credibility and authority among your customers.

Search Engine Marketing

What is search engine marketing? We recommend search engine marketing to startups and established realtors (especially now that Google has increased the number of spots given to sponsored ads). Businesses can pay Google to advertise their businesses on search engine result pages. However, with so many companies competing for the same spots, your ad must be fully optimized and clear to appear on relevant searches. Our team can help you approach SEM and PPC strategically to get quality leads.

Live Media Digital | LMD is a leading real estate digital marketing agency in South Florida. We offer professional digital marketing services for all realtors using strategic approaches customized for each client. Our team is conversion-focused and can help you with everything from web design and redesign to search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, video marketing, and more.