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High-quality PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns are one of the most effective marketing strategies. They help create significant immediate traffic, resulting in more quality leads and higher conversion rates. At Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami, our PPC marketing services aim to increase brand awareness through paid channels like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

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PPC Marketing Services

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What Is PPC in Marketing?

PPC (Pay per Click) is a type of Google marketing or advertising which involves advertisers paying a certain fee every time a user clicks on their ads. As an advertiser, you only pay if a visitor clicks on your ads. It is a method of buying visits from search engines to increase website traffic and conversions.

PPC is a digital marketing channel that covers various ad platforms such as Bing and Google ads. On each platform, there are different ad formats.

Below are some of the types of Google PPC ads options:

  • Display ads
  • Gmail ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Search ads
  • Video ads
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How Does PPC Work?

A pay-per-click campaign focuses on placing paid Google ads on search engine results based on the search intent or keywords. In most cases, these ads depend on a bidding system called the Ad Auction. It’s an automated process used by search engines to determine the relevance and validity of the ads placed on their SERPs.

During the auction, advertisers bid on keywords that are useful to their businesses. These keywords trigger or display their ads on search engine results pages.

When a user enters the keyword or search query, the search engine performs several calculations based on the Ad auction. The results help determine which ads to display, in what order and by which advertiser.

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How Can PPC Help Your Business?

PPC helps scale up your business by making it visible to about 27% of online searchers who click on the top search results. This increases click-through rates, conversions, and sales revenue. Other benefits of PPC to your business include:

  • Boosts brand exposure and visibility
  • Allows you to maximize profits by running multiple ad campaigns
  • Offers instant traffic
  • Enables you to control your advertising budget
  • Reaches your ideal customers
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Does PPC Help SEO?

PPC indirectly helps maximize your SEO marketing results by:

  • Driving more paid traffic to your site
  • Helping you identify more profitable organic SEO keywords
  • Creating brand awareness to drive clicks to your site
  • Reaching more local customers
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What Is A PPC Landing Page?

A PPC landing page refers to an individual web page designed for paid Google ad campaigns or Bing Ads. It’s a web page that users end up with after clicking through a pay-per-click ad on search engines.

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What Are the Hallmarks of a Good PPC Landing Page?

well developed PPC landing page contains the following elements:

  • Unique contextual images
  • Strong headline and sub-headlines
  • Focused call-to-action button
  • Well-outlined benefits and features of your offer
  • Testimonials or trust signals
  • Engaging content that targets your audience
  • Strategically positioned landing page elements
  • Optimized for mobile devices
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How Long Does It Take for PPC to Work?

A healthy PPC ad campaign takes about three months, on average, to give results. During this period, you focus on acquiring data from your ads to boost your bids, keyword and audience targeting. This allows search engines like Google to know your campaigns for better results. Our Miami PPC Agency experts will help guide you to successful campaigns.

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