How Combining SEO and PPC Can Produce the Hottest Leads

PPC and SEO Working Together

Driving traffic to your website can be a real headache without the right knowledge or experience. You’ve got everything there—great content, an awesome layout, and some glowing testimonials that could convert the most cautious buyer. But no hits or, just as bad, hits that simply aren’t converting to sales. So it’s time to put together a strategy that pulls in visitors who want to buy your product; need your services; or who are interested in your information?

The smartest way to pull in the most qualified prospects is to work on SEO (aka: Search Engine Optimization) for your site or perhaps PPC (aka: Pay Per Click) ads. Alternatively, as both methods of website lead generation have their merits, you could decide to combine the two.

Combining SEO and PPC

What is the Difference Between PPC and SEO

The fundamental difference between PPC and SEO is that PPC involves actions external to your website; whereas, SEO involves working on the website itself. When you go through an SEO audit, you will need to do research to discover the keywords people use to find products or services like yours; and include them in your website content. On the other hand, a PPC strategy involves finding those keywords and placing adverts, so that when people enter those keywords in their search bar, your website comes up in the search results. You then pay for each click generated from your ad.

PPC does generate fast results. However, the return on investment is not the best (typically around 500-1000% per ad placed). Once you’ve taken out other costs, this won’t leave much profit. It’s harder to predict the results with SEO, and it does take time. However, if you have the right SEO professionals managing your campaign, the costs are much lower, gaining you a far better ROI.

Difference Between PPC and SEO

How Does Combining SEO and PPC Improve Your Leads?

Dominate the SERPs

Search engine results pages, or SERPs, present you with a combination of organic results and paid ads, and most people don’t generally look beyond the first page. With 80% of website traffic coming from a combination of paid ads and organic searches, this is where you want your page to appear. This is a powerful place to be if you can appear in the first position on both the paid and organic listings.

Keyword Data

To get the most out of SEO or PPC, you need to do a lot of research on keywords. Fortunately, the same data is useful across both strategies. You can use PPC ads for research to see which keywords are getting the most traction and then use these keywords in your SEO strategy, saving time and money. It works the other way; if you have a good working SEO strategy, you can use the same keywords for more effective PPC campaigns.

Tool Sharing

SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz are tools commonly used in SEO research. However, paid search is heavily reliant on Google’s Keyword Planner tool. Combining these two strategies allows you to obtain more data and improved insights. Another tool that is excellent for combining PPC and SEO is Google Search Console, which allows you to see how users find your content, and gives you insights on how to change your content to match their searches better.

Get the Most Out of Integrating SEO and PPC

Although integrating your SEO and PPC strategies will save you time and resources, it can still be a significant drain on your time, especially if you’re not the most IT literate! Getting a partner, such as Live Media Digital on board can really take the load off. Our team of experts can help with SEO, content planning, managing your PPC campaigns, landing page design, website redevelopment, and every other aspect of your online marketing strategy to generate hot leads.

Call Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami at 305-918-2306 to request a free digital marketing consultation or simply contact us online today to find out more. Our team of digital marketing experts in Doral, Florida will help to turn around your website’s lead generation capabilities.

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How Combining SEO and PPC Can Produce the Hottest Leads

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