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Website Design and Development

Choosing and building a digital marketing strategy that pulls in leads and conversions will not grow your business if the website that you’re directing traffic to is not user-friendly. Digital marketing relies on the performance and engagement of your website. Therefore, if your current website is outdated and uninspiring, online users may not become hot leads.

Live Media Digital has a talented team of digital strategists and website designers that uses technical SEO and other industry-leading technology and trends to capitalize on every unique website visitor. We build professional and engaging websites and landing pages that demand attention.

Our custom built websites are created with your business and client base in mind. These sites are designed for intuitive use that helps convert unique visitors into qualified leads. No matter what type of business you are marketing, we have the right website development solution for your needs. You can trust us to find the right approach to meet your company’s individual needs and highlight the passion you have for your business!

The Live Media Digital Website Design Process

We take the time to speak with each client individually. This is important to really get to know your business, personality, and specific needs. Our mission is to help our clients to succeed and we know that taking the time to research each business carefully before implementing a marketing strategy is the key to success. Our team of web developers and digital marketers is highly experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of online marketing. We take the time to not only do the job right, but also to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have. Therefore, you can rest assured that your business marketing strategy will be in good hands.

Strategy and Planning

We can’t design the perfect, optimized and highly resourceful website necessary to battle your competition until we have gotten a feel for your personality as a business owner; the type of business you have; the markets your are targeting; and learn the goals intended for your business. Start-ups are different from established mom-and-pop businesses and will have different goals. Our intake sessions are intended to get to know your brand and its needs. We then develop a timeline for website construction and a maintenance web marketing plan going forward.

Creating Your Website

A great website or landing page doesn’t have lags or difficulties loading. On the contrary, a powerful website is one that’s scalable, able to handle unexpected loads of traffic and is easy to navigate. Our web development services team assesses the needs of the website itself and then creates the user-friendly solution that you need to grow your business. Your website is the first impression that more than 70% of buyers will have of your business – and we’ll help you put your best foot forward.

Developing Your Website

Once we’ve determined the structure of your website, our coders and developers get to work building your site from the ground up.  We begin incorporating elements of design with a high-performance, reliable structure. We take care of the functionality and performance of the website, as well as the features, adding room for growth.

Quality is Key

After our web developers are finished building a website, we test it using different types of quality assurance metrics. The Live Media Digital checklist has dozens of points. And we do not turn the website “live” until it has passed each checklist item. Our team checks carefully for site security, accessibility, loading time, speed, and overall aesthetics.

Let's Launch Your Site!

At the point where the Live Media Digital web team is satisfied that your site is ready to launch, we will invite you to preview it, before going live. Nothing will be published until it meets your approval. Upon your approval, we will launch the website. However, your site’s construction and maintenance do not end there. As long as we are managing your website, our web team will constantly be monitoring and maintaining your site for functionality and security. One of our top priorities is making sure that your users can consistently access your website without complications.

Responsive Website Design Services

The Live Media Digital | LMD web development services team will always make sure that your website has fresh content and that the build out is successful to direct users to the correct pages of interest to achieve successful conversions (i.e. to enter their email address, watch a video,  request a quote, etc.). We also make sure that your customer data pages and sales pages are secure so that your customers can purchase your products or services online with confidence.

Discover the difference LMD in Miami makes! For a free web development consultation. We also offer search engine optimization, search engine marketing or other digital marketing services, call us at 305-918-2306. You may also chat with or contact us online.


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