Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Designing Websites for Mobile

Websites used to be designed solely for desktops. But now, there is an increase in smartphone usage. In fact, a higher percentage of online shoppers use their mobile phones because it’s the most convenient option.

As a website owner, having a site that isn’t mobile-friendly means losing out on sales. Visitors will click on the URL; and if the website doesn’t load or displays content in an unreadable manner, they will move on to a different business listing.

A mobile-friendly website is essential for online marketing and business. But how do you ensure your website is mobile-friendly? There is a simple tool designed by Google to check if a website is user-friendly. If your website does not meet the requirements, you will have the task of redesigning it.

is your website mobile friendly

The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

There are numerous advantages to making a website mobile friendly. Below we have outlined some of the benefits:

  • Accessibility – Mobile-friendly websites are easy to access. Thus, increasing conversions and sales. An accessible website allows users to interact with the brand using any device. This increases loyalty and customer retention.
  • Credibility – It allows the customers to learn about and trust your services (because they can browse and see what products and services you offer conveniently and quickly).
  • Boosts SEO – One important aspect of SEO ranking is a website’s speed. Mobile-friendly websites are known to be lightweight and load very fast. Google algorithms also prioritize mobile-friendly websites when ranking content.
Mobile friendly services in Miami

Making a Website Mobile Friendly

Experienced mobile web designers can optimize your existing website and transform it into a mobile friendly web design quickly and effectively.  Below are some of the ways this is done:

  • Mobile Friendly Template: With the help of a professional, you will choose a mobile-friendly theme or template. This increases the loading speed since complex themes can take a long time to load on mobile.
  • Modify Images: The expert will make your images and CSS as light as possible. Large-size images can affect the overall loading speed, especially on phones.
  • Modify Buttons: Change button size and placement to enable fingers or thumps to click easily. Space out the links to allow the user to have an easy time when clicking on them.
  • Increase Fonts: Use a large font because fonts on desktop can look very small on a mobile phone. And once users find it hard to read, they will leave your website and check for other options.
  • Remove Pop-Ups: Eliminate pop-ups because a mobile screen is too small, and check the website regularly to confirm everything is working properly.

Request a FREE Consultation for Mobile Friendly Website Design

Live Media Digital (aka: LMD) is a reliable company that offers website design and maintenance services, including mobile optimization. We perform mobile SEO audits and tailor SEO-friendly content to make your website fast and user-friendly.

Our professional team at LMD in Miami is experienced in all aspects of redesigning a website, as well as other digital marketing services. We provide help with Google My Business profiles, web content development, social media marketing and more. Call us today at 305-918-2306  and we will be happy to help. You may also request a FREE consultation or contact us online with questions.


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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?