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Search Engine Optimization, (aka: SEO), is the foundation of a strong digital marketing strategy. If you’re new to digital marketing, SEO can be a little confusing, so we’re here to break it down: why it’s important, how we pick the right way to optimize your online content for search engines, and what kinds of content deliver results. Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of a strong digital marketing strategy. Our team of experts is standing by and ready to assist your business with search optimization services.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is an umbrella that covers many methods to make your website structure more attractive to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Customers use search engines to find websites that meet their needs, whether it’s “dresses for women,” “financial planners,” or “where can I find the best Chinese food near me?”

Once a user types in a search query, the search engine sends out an army of “web crawlers” which scour the internet for websites that are relevant to the query.

Websites that are built strong for SEO will match a number of different types of queries; and will rank higher on the list of search returns (and rank more often). If this seems insignificant, consider this: most people select a website from the first page of the search returns, and more than 90% don’t look past the third page of search returns.

How Do You Build a Website for SEO?

The web crawlers look for a few things when determining which websites are relevant to the search query:

  1. Websites with keywords featured in the content that relates to the topic of the search query are included. However, the bots in the search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, Yachoo, etc) algorithms use also look for the keywords to be used organically within the written content in ways that make sense. In the past, website developers used “keyword stuffing” (or putting in relevant keywords as much as possible to boost their chances of a match, regardless of whether or not the keywords make sense in context).
  2. Keyword Stuffing. Today, these crawler bots are increasingly intelligent and will pick up on keyword stuffing. Plus, they can discern slight differences in the keyword used, such as a plural version, or adding prepositions into key phrases that make the content flow in a logical manner. Content that naturally uses keywords, without overusing them, will rank higher.
  3. Informative. The search engines offer services to answer questions, problems and needs. The more quality content, the more this satisfies what the search bots are searching for to satisfy users and to provide the best search results.


Your core content – the “About Us” page, and your Home page, generally don’t need to be updated frequently. However, your site isn’t just a menu of services and a statement of your company values. It’s important to keep content fresh throughout the rest of the website. Having a blog with fun or useful content that is updated regularly enhances the user experience and improves the health of a website overall. But many business owners do not have the time and or may not be writers or bloggers, so hiring a professional online marketing team who specializes in this area, helps.

What Kind of “Fun Content” Does My Website Need?

There are several things that successfully optimized websites for the search engines have in common. Fresh content is one. Technical SEO is also important. This involves a long list of practices to increase a website’s ability to pull in organic traffic.

A blog that has relevant information about the type of business and its industry is another. You can feature articles about the latest news in your industry or post videos about how to use certain products.

Videos, in fact, are extremely popular for users, and many people say that they’d rather watch video instruction than read an article. Plus, Google’s web crawlers love videos – and Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami can help you execute professionally scripted and entertaining clips and longer videos.

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