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Why Do a Website Redesign?

Website redesigns involve changing scripting codes to have a different structure, content, and visuals to improve the platform for visitors. Many website owners may ask, “Why redesign a website once it’s been live on the internet for years?”

Website redesigns typically improve the user experience, lower bounce rates and boost revenue. Several factors can lead to the need to redesign a website. The internet and technology are evolving daily, and products and services are constantly changing. You should redesign the website to match your sales and generate more revenue. This includes optimizing your site for voice search

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How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

In order to stay ahead of your competition, we often recommend redesigning a website every two to three years.

Why Website Redesign is Important?

There is a rapid development of modern technologies. As a result, new trends appear yearly, thus the need to keep up with the technology. However, two to three years is just a suggestion. The decision should come from you as a business owner. This is because the technology may evolve, but if the structure of a website, and visuals match your audience’s search, you won’t need a redesign.

Nonetheless, you should always be adding new content, applying technical edits and adding new features to your website regularly. A healthy website is a website well optimized organically for the search engines. It is a website that is always attended to with consistent and fresh content. In addition, the backend also needs constant monitoring and fixes for toxic backlinks, as well as technical and programming issues. Therefore, web management services are mandatory for success as long as you are a website owner.

Different Types of Websites and Redesign Services

There are two basic types of websites primarily used for businesses:

Static Website: The first type is the static website, and it contains stable content (whereby users from different regions who click on the URL see similar content on each page).

Responsive Website: What is a responsive website? This type of website structure (aka: dynamic website) allows the content to change with the user. Responsive websites are popular with online stores because they improve the overall customer experience, sales process and ROI. Needless to say, responsive website development is more complicated than a static website. It will require more time and a higher budget. But upon completion and continued management, a responsive website will quickly result in pulling in more qualified prospects than almost any other type of marketing campaign.

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What Type of Research is Involved in a Website Redesign?

Website redesign begins with an SEO website analysis and in-depth analytics review. Again, no matter how appealing the visuals are, the website should be search engine optimized to reach the target audience.

Website Analysis: The first step a website redesign agency will take is to analyze your existing website to determine its performance, content, and to learn about your industry and specific needs.

Competitors:  They will also do research to learn about your competitors; and the structure and health of their websites.

Website Metrics:  The web professional will evaluate your target buyers’ personas and measure the metrics. Once completed, it’s time to set the budget. A website redesign strategy is determined by the type of website and the goals you want to achieve.

Keyword Research:  A well optimized website will be originally built ready to battle the search engines. A professional SEO Specialist will be assigned to analyze your existing website (and some top competitors) to help plan your new website structure based on extensive keyword research.

Responsive Website Development

Our professional web developers will lay out a strategic plan for your updated website. Also, they will analyze and focus on future business goals. This is achievable by laying a solid foundation for your website to ensure long-term success.

The web designers will turn your old website into a a responsive website; which will make using your website easier for both online visitors and search engine bots. A responsive website will be accessible on all devices.

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