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Social media is a powerful presence and can be a very effective tool within a business marketing campaign. There’s no doubt that building a strong presence on popular social media platforms can help your business develop relationships with new customers and reinforce relationships with repeat customers. Many companies have been very successful in creating online personas that engage with friends and fans and with other businesses. Social media provides a different platform to introduce customers to your brand.

As wonderful as the modern marketing method may be, executing and managing a successful social media campaign is a lot like growing a plant from a seed. The entire process requires a lot of patience, time, and attention. Many of the existing clients at Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami, confess that managing their social media accounts (in a way to encourage more customers) was a time-consuming process. It was time that they as business owners did not have.  Most also added that knowing how to leverage social media advertising without turning customers off is a delicate balance and requires digital marketing professionals.

Paid Social Media Marketing


Social media paid marketing can be a cost-effective way for smaller businesses on a budget to gain more visitors to their website and have a presence on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media ads show up in the scroll of users, giving them a small snippet of what your business is like. However, unlike other forms of advertising, business owners aren’t charged unless a user clicks through the ad to a landing page on the business website.

This kind of advertising is also referred to as pay-per-click, or PPC.


Social media paid advertising has many benefits, and your plan from LMD in Miami will focus on achievable goals that increase your conversions.

Amplify your reach

Social media paid advertising has many benefits, and your plan from Live Media Digital will focus on achievable goals that increase your conversions.

Fit any budget

Because you only pay for the exact quantity of times that people click on your social media ads, you won’t be charged for anything except site visitors. In addition, you can engage with niche markets and feature different aspects of your business, often at a discount.

Enhance your targeting

Digital media marketing firms determine different demographics among social media users and can create targeted ads that appeal to their needs. For example, a teen boy and a middle-aged mother may both use Facebook or Instagram, but their buying patterns are definitely different! Creating ads that appeal to both is targeted advertising.

Gain access to mobile users

Many people may be shopping on the go, looking for deals near them – and having your ads target local users is a big help! Social media ads target people who consume the majority of their media on their phone or tablet, instead of relying on the limited reach of traditional ads.

Gather market insights

Which social media paid ads were the most popular? How did users interact with your ads, and which ones led to the most conversions? Social media ads can be tracked, with sophisticated analytics that helps your marketing agency determine the strongest ads.

Maximize your content marketing

Social media is a great way to distribute your fresh, new content, whether it’s a teaser for your latest blog entry to a clip of your videos. Each ad can intrigue your followers, leading them to click through to your web page to finish the teaser or look for more information.

Boost brand awareness

Even if potential customers don’t click on your social media ads the first time, simply reminding them of your presence can boost your brand awareness by regularly appearing in their newsfeed. This builds confidence and trust in your brand, and familiarity when your customers do have a need for your goods or services.


Our marketing team can create the right paid social media ads for your budget, and increase them over time as your business grows. LMD in Miami tailors ads that beg for clicks and drive business to the right pages on your own site. You can count on our experienced digital marketing and web development team to help with all facets of your online marketing needs.

Call us today for a no-obligation social media management consultation at 305-918-2306. You may also contact us online. We are standing by and ready to help!

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