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Digital Marketing is the top form of advertising for businesses in the modern world. It begins with a well-developed website and continues with a long list of techniques and options to help to drive traffic to your website.

How successful your business’s online presence is (or will be) will be based on the the knowledge, experience and dedication of the digital marketing professionals you hire to build your website and develop and administer your online marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Services in Florida


Search Engine Marketing (aka: SEM) helps to drive traffic to your website and may be perfect for smaller sites, or ones that are still trying to grow their rankings organically. Trust the experts at Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami to help you leverage SEM to your advantage. Our team is experienced at creating a larger number of hot leads and developing the best landing pages to encourage site visitors to explore websites and request more information.

One way to increase your website’s visibility to prospects that are searching for your goods and services online is to make sure that you’re at the top of the list of search engine results. But, not all search engine marketing services are created equally. Let us help you to select the right digital marketing services to fit your business!


SEO is an umbrella that covers many methods to make your website more attractive to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Customers use search engines to find sites that meet their needs, whether it’s “dresses for women,” “financial planners,” or “where can I find the best Chinese food near me?” Once a user types in the search query, the search engine sends out an army of “web crawlers” which scour the internet for websites that are relevant to the query.

Websites that are strong for SEO will match a number of different types of queries and will rank higher on the list of search returns, and rank more often. If this seems insignificant, consider this: most people select a website from the first page of the search returns, and more than 90% don’t look past the third page of search returns.


Social media is another digital marketing services option and provides a powerful presence. It can be a very effective tool within a business marketing campaign. There’s no doubt that building a strong presence on popular social media platforms can help your business develop relationships with new customers and reinforce relationships with repeat customers. Many companies have been very successful in creating online personas that engage with friends and fans and with other businesses. Social media provides a different platform to introduce customers to your brand.

As wonderful as the modern marketing method may be, executing and managing a successful social media campaign is a lot like growing a plant from a seed. The entire process requires a lot of patience, time, and attention. Many of the existing clients at Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami, confess that managing their social media accounts (in a way to encourage more customers) was a time-consuming process.


Choosing and building a digital marketing strategy that pulls in leads and conversions will not grow your business if the website that you’re directing traffic to is not user-friendly. Digital marketing relies on the performance and engagement of your website. Therefore, if your current website is outdated and uninspiring, online users may not become hot leads.

Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami has a talented team of digital marketing strategists and website designers that uses industry-leading technology and trends to capitalize on every unique website visitor. We build professional and engaging websites that demand attention. You can also count on us for a complete website redesign when you’re ready. Call to find out about our digital marketing services in South Florida. Request a FREE consultation at 305-918-2306 or you may contact us online.


Content is one of the most important aspects of any website or digital marketing campaign. However, most business owners do not have the time or the expertise to develop high quality content for a website, landing pages, blogs, videos and other online marketing campaigns. But without adequate content, nothing happens.

LMD in Miami offers premium SEO content development and management services for businesses of all sizes. Whether or not you have an existing website, blog or digital marketing campaign, our professional content strategists at LMD have the know-how and experience necessary to create effective content for all of your advertising mediums.

SEO friendly content is the key to developing a healthy search engine optimization strategy and actually is a big part of website structure development for an excellent user experience. Our team will take an existing website that is currently not doing well on the search engines and quickly turn it into a highly effective money making machine!

Get a FREE consultation for any of our digital marketing services in Miami by calling us today at 305-918-2306You may also contact us here online with any questions.

Email Marketing Agency in Miami

Digital marketing for businesses involves a combination of various tasks and each one has its own unique purpose. And all types of digital marketing will be important and advantageous in pulling in new prospects and retaining existing customers.

Email Marketing is just one of those tasks and has the potential to not only raise awareness of new products and services, but also to promote new promotions and to reach a wider audience. Because email marketing is generally subscription based, this method of marketing is targeted to prospects who have already expressed an interest in what you have to offer.