Optimize Your Content Strategy for Lead Generation

How to Optimize Your Content Strategy for Lead Generation

Let’s face it, digital marketing keeps evolving with each passing day. About a decade ago, regular blog posts and broadcasting through brand-owned channels was considered a successful lead generation campaign.

Today, it’s twice as hard to generate any meaningful leads by just relying on these two methods. We live in an environment where multi-tasking has made it hard to impress consumers. And as a business looking to remain competitive in these hard times, you must adapt.

Content optimization strategies are a vital part of any SEO strategy, whether you provide link building or content marketing. It’s important to create content that’s both relevant and valuable to your customers. But, to improve results, it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So here are 5 tips to optimize your content strategy for lead generation. Let’s dive in.

content strategy for lead generation

Step 1: Do Extensive Market Research

There’s no way around it. Smart content strategies are based on in-depth market analysis. When you understand your market, you’re one step closer to making loads of quality leads.

Extensive media marketing research is a necessity needed in the first stages of product or content creation. And it doesn’t have to be hard. You can leverage already existing information done by other marketers.

One way of understanding the market is by checking for keywords that clients are most likely to use. For example, as a plumbing contractor, you might want to research the extent of search requests for plumbing services near me. This will help you understand if your service is valid in the given area.

An even better way of using keywords is understanding the intent of the search and creating content that addresses the intent of the search. Yes, you understand that many people are looking for plumbing services, but why? Is it for a gas leak, home renovations, or low water pressure?

Basing your content strategy around this gives you an edge over most competitors.

Step 2: Using Paid Traffic to Amplify Content

Content marketing is effective, but it takes time. If your lead generation aim is to get instant results, then paid traffic is the best alternative. A well planned PPC campaign works great in generating new website visitors and leads.

If you’re on a budget and out of patience, PPC campaigns will help you reach your target audience with laser-like accuracy. Another thing about PPC campaigns is that it doesn’t take too much effort to track results. But the best part must be that you only pay when someone clicks on your AD.

Target Limitations

Many people will be opting out of iOS tracking. This will play a significant role in diminishing your app’s activity, connection, and custom audiences. More importantly, reaching new audiences will prove to be difficult.

Step 3: Design a High Converting Landing Page

Not all landing pages were created equal. And your landing page might be hindering you from the lead generation you deserve. According to HubSpot, only 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their lead generation strategies. These must be businesses with underperforming landing pages. It is your responsibility as a business owner to understand why you are using a specific landing page.

Effective landing pages come with:

• Compelling headlines
• Strong and captivating openings
• A short video or memorable images
• Build interest to readers
• And a clear call to action

If this doesn’t describe your landing page, we’ve got news for you. Your website’s landing page is your biggest undoing. But we can help.

Step 4: It's Never Too Late To Use Lead Bait

Lead baits also known as lead magnets entice your prospects into providing their identity. You can increase your conversions rate by deploying free guides, eBooks, or checklists to prospects as lead magnets.

When creating a lead magnet always remember:

• It has to be specific
• It needs to be irresistible

So, get busy creating.

Step 5: Establish Effective Conversion Paths

Establishing the right conversion paths throughout your website ensures prospects will click on your landing page. However, this process can be further broken down into the following components:


Call to actions are the best way to redirect clients to your well-crafted landing page. Make sure to distribute CTA buttons throughout your website. From blog posts to your homepage include at least one call-to-action.

However, over-using this tactic will make your website messy, and it’s all downhill from there. Try and strike a balance between optimum conversion and a smooth user experience.

Follow Up Email

Follow-up emails show that you care. And once a client establishes an emotional connection to your business, chances of repeat purchases and referrals go up the roof. But always remember, the best follow up emails are personalized. Nobody wants to receive general email templates as a follow-up.

Thank You Page

A thank you page is the perfect way to link the offer promised to your prospect. Effective thank you pages also have social media sharing buttons that encourage visitors to share your content.

But don’t shy away from promoting another product on your second page. This will give you the perfect chance to drive prospects.

Develop an Effective Content Strategy for Lead Generation with Our Help

As we said, content marketing is ever-evolving. As such, no digital marketing agency can claim to have the most effective content strategy campaign. Strategies do vary depending on the type of business and the characteristics of the target market.

However, with the above five tips, you are likely to see some changes. Try experimenting and with some luck, you might see an instant impact. On the other hand, you can let the experts handle your lead generation for you.

Get started improving your content strategy for lead generation today! Call LMD in Miami at 305-590-5079 or request a FREE consultation. You may also contact us online to find out how we can help you to attract more leads affordably and efficiently.

content strategy for lead generation



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