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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of developing websites specifically to attract and encourage search engines (i.e. Google and Bing) to rank a website high on search engine results without having to pay for ads.

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What is Involved in Search Engine Optimization?

The practice of SEO involves a series of techniques:

Extensive Keyword Research

1. Extensive Keyword Research

Using tools on various platforms.

Content Creation for Optimization

2. Content Creation for Optimization

This is content that is developed specifically to attract search engine bots and human users based on search queries. SEO content is also produced with well researched information to help to educate the user and provide a satisfactory visitor experience. The goal within creating content for SEO is to also encourage users to share on social media, email and other digital platforms.

On-Page Optimization

3. On-Page Optimization

Is a series of techniques used within the process of written content creation. Some of the most utilized are meta title and meta descriptions, header structures, uniform resource locator (aka: URL) identification, and internal and external text linking.

Off-Page Optimization

4. Off-Page Optimization

Involves procedures and the development of creating hyperlinks to a website on other external websites (aka: backlinks). This method helps to increase the ways users can find or access a website. An easier way to explain this is that backlinks are literally like roadways or paths created to get to your website. Backlink sources should be relevant to your industry or to the actual targeted page or article. The source of the backlink is important. For instance, if a backlink is coming from a poorly developed website or a website that was created simply for farming backlinks, this is considered a blackhat backlink; and not helpful to improving a website’s page ranking authority or credibility. In fact, these types of backlinks create problems for a website with the search engines. In some cases, websites are shut down.

Web Design for the Best User Experience (UX)

5. Web Design for the Best User Experience (UX)

This part of the process is also referred to as Technical SEO and mostly performed on the backend of a website. In this area of SEO, web developers are dependent on maintaining a user-friendly site speed, responsiveness (making sure the site is easily accessible from all types of devices, including mobile, tablets and desktop).

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