Track These Metrics and Drive Better SEO Results

Tracking Metrics to Drive Better SEO Results

SEO is so effective; since it is easy to track and measure just about anything related to it. Whether it is engagement, leads, traffic, revenue or rankings, SEO metrics give you a detailed insight into what is working for your campaign and what’s not.

And as a digital marketer, you already know there are several ways to track this progress. With tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, marketers all over can identify most of the metrics needed for better results.

But which metrics give better results when tracked?


Here are 5 Tracking Metrics that Stand Out from the Rest:

better SEO results

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is traffic earned from appearing in the search engine page results, without paying for AD placement. That’s what SEO is about after all. So, as a business, you want to rank highly for keywords related to your niche and location.

Tracking the overall traffic generated will help you see how many visitors on your page visit your site because of your SEO strategy. This metric gives you quantifiable proof that your SEO efforts are bringing in more leads, and hopefully conversions.

2. Conversion Rates

Now that you’ve already quantified the organic traffic generated because of SEO, the next thing to look at is the quality of the traffic.

Organic traffic is not enough. You could have thousands of new visitors from irrelevant sources that never convert into leads or sales. To measure the quality of traffic, you need to take a deeper look into the number of conversions.

Knowing your conversion can help you define the ROI your website traffic generates.

Try tracking your progress based on:

• Conversions by landing page
• Conversions by location
• Conversions by device
• And Conversions by browser

This way, you have better info on where to improve and where to invest.

3. Search Visibility

Search engine visibility shows how often your website shows in SERP results for the keywords you want to rank in. By tracking this metric, marketers can see the positive dynamics even before the site attracts visitors.

You can track:

• Google Map Rankings
Google My Business Insights
• Session Location

Most SEO tools give you a sitewide visibility score, which is based on where the website ranks depending on all tracked keywords while providing a keyword specific score.

4. Backlinks

Links are a key SEO metric for content marketers. Between two pages with similar organic traffic and search visibility metrics, the one with more backlinks from quality sources will win. According to Backlinko, from 1 million Google Search results examined, there was a strong correlation between ranking numbers and backlinks.

Keeping track of your referring domains and backlinks generally indicates the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. And although more backlinks do not necessarily translate to better rankings, it shows you’re on the right track.

5. Bounce Rate & Average Session Duration

The bounce rate shows the number of visitors that bounced from your website taking no action. This is a crucial metric in SERP rankings. Depending on your niche, a normal bounce rate should be somewhere between 40-60%.

Higher rankings show that your specific page does not solve the query most visitors have, might be slow in loading, among other factors. You can use Google Analytics to identify which results have high rates and try different strategies to reduce the rate.

The average session duration, shows how much time visitors spend on your website. Monitoring the time helps you assess the quality and engagement of your site and understand whether changes are needed in the sites structure or the internal linking.

Crush Your SEO Goals Today

As SEO becomes more complicated by the day, measuring success is becoming harder as well. Individual metrics alone might not tell you the entire story of your SEO errors. But with the right combination of metrics and tools, you are one step closer to achieving your SEO goals.

However, if you find the entire SEO process overwhelming, we can help from website redesign to content developmentLMD in Miami is dedicated to helping you achieve your digital marketing goals fast with real results.

We understand SEO is ever-evolving. You can depend on us for on page and off page SEO services. Let us worry about driving traffic to your website while you work on managing all the new leads. For more information about SEO services or to request a free consultation, call Live Media Digital | LMD in Miami today at 305-590-5079 or simply contact us online.






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Track These Metrics and Drive Better SEO Results

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