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You cannot underestimate the value of digital marketing in the healthcare industry. If you’re yet to introduce this strategy, now is the time. At Live Media Digital, we increase your brand visibility through our digital and lead generation services.

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Our Top Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

More consumers are turning to search engines for health, nutrition, and illness symptoms suggestions. Our professionals at Live Media Digital use Google Ads to position your site on top of search engine results.

Local SEO optimization

Experts at Live Media Digital guide you in creating content that converts potential visitors to customers. We target your local areas to reach potential clients highly likely to convert to sales.

Website Creation and Optimization

At Live Media Digital, we strive to create user-friendly and engaging websites. Our team uses industry-leading trends and technology to capitalize on unique website visitors.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services

Expand Your Market

Increase Leads

Boost Your Revenue

Custom Audience Segment

Build Visibility and Awareness

Our Process

Use Social Media
to Promote

Generate New

Gather contact

Market to
your leads

Turn Leads Into

Quality Lead Generation Services

Pay per Click advertising

We utilize search engine marketing tools such as pay-per-click to generate leads to your dermatology, pediatric, or healthcare practice. This form of advertising only requires you to pay when a potential patient clicks on your ad.

Social Media Advertising

At Live Media Digital, we help you create a robust social media presence. Our experts place keyword-optimized adverts targeting potential customers. Potential customers interested in your website’s content search to learn more about your services.



We’re here to increase our client’s profitability, with precision online marketing, and in-depth analysis of your social media and marketing and web presence. Did you know that nearly 90% of shoppers look at businesses online before making a purchase? The advertising and marketing landscape has changed in the last 20 years, and at Live Media Digital, we’ve been at the forefront of the changes, embracing the nuances of customer behavior to improve our clients’ visibility and relevance.

Some of Our Clients

We have put together a selection of case studies to help you get an idea of our work.

Florida Yacht International
CME Med Center
Miami Med Center

Our Services


Search Engine Marketing (aka: SEM) helps to drive traffic to your website and may be perfect for smaller sites, or ones that are still trying to grow their rankings organically. Trust the experts at Live Media Digital to help you leverage SEM to your advantage. Our team is experienced at creating…


Choosing and building a digital marketing strategy that pulls in leads and conversions will not grow your business if the website that you’re directing traffic to is not user-friendly. Digital marketing relies on the performance and engagement of your website…


Social media is a powerful presence and can be a very effective tool within a business marketing campaign. There’s no doubt that building a strong presence on popular social media platforms can help your business develop relationships with new customers and reinforce…


Search Engine Optimization, (aka: SEO), is the foundation of a strong digital marketing strategy. If you’re new to digital marketing, SEO can be a little confusing, so we’re here to break it down: why it’s important, how we pick the right way to optimize your online content for search engines…

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What Our Clients Say

Rosse S.whitaker
Rosse S.whitaker
When you think of a digital marketing team, you might not think of a group of people who are also concerned with the overall success of your business. But that's exactly what you get with LMD. What they have done for my sales is amazing — from 3 sales a week to 3 sales a day. It's amazing.
Abella Danger
Abella Danger
Developing a brand takes more than a great product or service. It takes a team that understands how to reach the target market and communicate the message in a way that resonates. LMD has that team.
Jim Strozinsky
Jim Strozinsky
I don't see where I would be without their (LMD) help. They took the time to understand my business and then came up with a plan that was affordable and achievable. My business is now known country-wide.
Tori Cason
Tori Cason
It all started with an initial meeting where LMD got to know our company. They asked about our target markets and what type of products and services we offer. Based on this information, LMD created a digital marketing campaign that has been successful in generating traffic and sales.
Connor Qualls
Connor Qualls
Our brand required a major update, and we did not know where to start. Luckily, we found LMD. They were able to help us understand our target market and create a website that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. We are more than happy with the results.
A Google User
A Google User
It takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful website. Live Media Digital understands this and starts by getting to know its client's business, goals, and target market to create a website that will be successful and generate 24/7 traffic.
Lindsay Richards
Lindsay Richards
I was very pleased with the work Live Media Digital did. Their team is knowledgeable and experienced, and they have been able to implement and manage my digital marketing campaigns successfully. I finally was able to stop worrying about marketing and now just focus on operations.
A Google User
A Google User
We appreciate the services Live Media Digital offers — they go beyond marketing initiatives to help us manage data and user behavior with innovative technology. Their dedication to their clients is evident in every decision they make.
Valarie Pikula
Valarie Pikula
The client representatives at LMD offered us an initial meeting to get to know our target markets and geographical areas of interest. They also asked for specific details about our company, which helped us understand their process and strategy.
Kara Hamon
Kara Hamon
Live Media Digital continuously maintains a strong client retention rate. Their team is knowledgeable, effective, and trustworthy in business. We enjoy how they are experienced and have proven success with implementing and managing full-scale digital marketing campaigns.
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